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Congratulations on winning the Darrel Chong Student Activity Award! IEEE Student Activities celebrates you and your Student Branch.

Among 1900 Student Branches across the world, your Student Branch has demonstrated steps toward improving the quality of IEEE Student Activities and the fostering of knowledge sharing. As a recipient, your commitment to value is highly regarded as this award recognizes consistent progress of your project. Please accept this award as an honor to continue in this manner.

The purpose of this recognition system serves to change the mindset of our student groups, from being number-driven, to becoming valuedriven and to acknowledge exemplary student activities around the world. The goal is to improve the quality of activities, and to foster knowledge sharing among students.

The IEEE thanks you for your commitment and once again congratulates you - you should be proud of this accomplishment!

Shareyna N. Scott
Student Branch Development Specialist
New Jersey, USA.
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   Wed, 26-Jul-2017, 04:17 PMDarrel Chong Award.
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