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Student Feedback on institutional Governance/faculty performance

The college has a well-established feedback systemthat aims at improving the teaching learning process and provides a continuous support to students for their all-round development. They are:

a.       Course Monitoring

b.      Student Opinion poll

c.       Course exit survey

d.      Information from mentors

e.       Interaction of the Head of the Dept.

f.       Graduate Exit Survey

g.      Alumni opinion

h.      Parents meeting

 a.    Course Monitoring:

Course monitoring is an exercise to check with students during the semester to obtain feedback from students in the class about any problems in instruction and coverage of syllabus in each course, and also about any other problems in facilities like canteen, library etc.

The committee consisting of HOD and a senior faculty member visit each class, once after 6 weeks after start of the semester and in the 11 or 12th week to get the feedback.

Students are asked if they feel that instruction is not satisfactory in any subjects, and to mention the specific problems. Opinion of students regarding faculty in terms of percentage is also taken in those subjects. General opinion on facilities like library, canteen is also obtained in each visit.

 Action: In the first visit, if most of the students opine that instruction is poor in one or more subjects, HOD issues a letter to the concerned teacher about the feedback and emphasizes the need to improve in specific areas. HOD gathers opinion of students after 5 or 6 periods. If students are still not satisfied, the teacher is changed for that subject.

 After each visit, teachers with unsatisfactory feedback are counselled.

If the complaint is of a minor nature like audibility or solving only a few problems etc, the teachers are counselled. If instruction is poor, a letter is issued mentioning the aspects to improve.

 For problems regarding facilities, HOD brings to the notice of the in charge of the facility or Principal when necessary. 

b.   Student Opinion Poll: The opinion poll has been in practice for nearly two decades in the college. Opinion poll is conducted at the end of each semester. Students are asked to rate each teacher on the following six criteria:

 Cr1:  Concept Explanation & Communication   

 Cr2:  Lectures Interesting and Enthusiastic

 Cr3: Test, Assignment Evaluation & Feedback

 Cr4: Punctuality and Regularity

 Cr5: Syllabus Coverage                                 

 Cr6: Accessibility Inside &Outside the Class.

 Each student rates each subject faculty on a scale of 1 to 4.

 The poll is currently conducted online.

 For each subject handled by a teacher, opinion of the students of the class computed under each criterionand given as feedback to each teacher.  

 In the cases where the subjects or parameter have low score, HOD counsels the teacher.

This feedback serves to help faculty to improve teaching-learning process. 

 The student opinion poll is collected through online. 

c.   Course exit survey: At the end of each semester, a course exit survey is conducted for each course on students opinion of attainment of the COs. Results of this survey are communicated to the teachers so that they make efforts towards better attainment.  

The course exit survey is collected through online. 

d.    Mentors feedback: Mentors provide feedback to HOD after each counselling. When necessary, class coordinator arranges extra coaching to needy students.

e.   Interaction of the Head of the Dept.: HOD meets student groups on various occasions and collects feedback on academic and other issues of students. 

f.   Graduate Exit Survey: Survey is conducted for outgoing students to get feedback on attainment of POs and PSOs, and to seek opinion on academics, facilities and co and extra-curricular activities.

g.    Alumni opinion: Is obtained from visiting alumni and also on mail, regarding feedback on POs/ PSOs and suggestions on improving curriculum.


Feedback on facilities

Students are asked to give feedback on facilities by the mentors, who in turn report the same to the Head of the Dept. HOD directly takes up the redressal with the in charges of the concerned facility or reports to Principal where necessary.       

The various facilities provided to students are:

 1. Library:

 i. Issue of 6 text books to students

 ii. Use of journal section which displays about 200 journals and magazines

 iii. Reference section having textbooks and handbooks

 iv. SC/ST Book bank

 v. Online reference facility including NPTEL lectures

 vi. Photocopy facility

vii. Discussion rooms


Library is kept open beyond college timings up to 6.00 pm for the benefit of students.

2.   Sports :

            Indoor games: Table Tennis, Caroms, Chess

            Outdoor games: Football, Basketball, Cricket, Volley ball courts and athletics tracks

3.   Medical facility:

A medical investigation room with a qualified doctor who visits twice a week and access to Clinic in the vicinity. Assistance for first aid is available during college hours.

4.   Canteen:

A canteen of 250 seating capacity is available for students and staff and caters to lunch and beverage requirements.  Other stalls are also available in the campus for snacks, ice-cream etc.

5.   Girls Lounge:

 Each building is provided with girl’s waiting rooms of 80 to 100 sqm area to serve as lunch rooms and other needs.

6.  Transport: College provides 24 buses for transport of students and staff from and to various points covering the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Special arrangements are made for first year students. Buses are also arranged to other colleges in the city that are allotted by the University asexternal examination centre. Buses are arranged when large numbers of students aredelayed due to Extra classes,Seminar / workshops, or other co and extracurricular activities.  

 7. Bank facility: Andhra Bank is provided with a building in the campus area by the college to help students and staff with the banking needs. 

8.  Laboratories beyond working hours: Students who wish to stay beyond working hours to work in the laboratories for their project work, or for competitions are permitted to stay and staff is also made available. 

9.      R&D laboratory: A special facility of 128 sqm, area has been created to help students in the project work orresearch activities.

10.  Generator power backup:The College has 250 KVA, 82.5 KVA and 50 KVA generators to provide a power back up facility. There is also a solar power generation unit of 8 KVA. 


Students Feedback and action:

 Feedback from students is collected by survey at the end of the year. Interaction of HOD and Course monitoring committee also provide the feedback during each semester.

Initiation of Action:

HOD and senior faculty interact with students to find out specific reasons in the cases where 50% or more stated Poor and Satisfactory. Action is initiated for improvement of these facilities, by HOD or senior faculty contacting the concerned facility in charge or the Principal if necessary.

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