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Labs in the Department

The main laboratories are:

  • Electrical Machines
  • Power Electronics/ Micro Processors
  • Circuits & Measurements
  • Integrated circuits/Control systems
  • Simulation
  • Power systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Project Workshop

The laboratories are very well equipped with 30AC & DC machines, 10 different rated transformers both single phase & 3 phase, 262 measuring instruments including Ammeter, Voltmeter and Wattmeter, 23 oscilloscopes, 2 Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, 10 AC & DC bridges , Microprocessors and Microcontroller kits 8085(13 Nos), 8086(10 Nos) and 8051(07 Nos). 11 DSP Processor Kits and computer systems P-IV( 60 Nos), Core 2 duo( 5 Nos) with software loaded Pspice, Matlab 7.5 and Mi- Power, PS CAD software.

Department is offering service course both theory and labs to other department ECE, Mechanical, CSE , IT, Automobile & Civil Engineering Branches

noName of the LaboratoryMajor Equipments
1 Electrical Machines AC M/cs - 14, DC M/cs - 15, 1ph & 3ph Autotransformers - 16, Transformers - 6,
1ph Induction Motor, Rectifier, Measuring Instrument -321 nos
2 Power Electronics/ Microprocessor Power Electronics Kits-: 69, Oscilloscope-16, DSO, DC. Power
supplies-1, Quadrant DC drive Micro Processor kits, Inter facing devices.
3 Circuits & Measurements All varieties of AC & DC bridges, Measuring instruments, Energy meters, RPS Units
4 Integrated Circuits/Control Systems Digital IC trainer-7, Linear IC trainer-09, DSO 20 MHz, IC tester, CRO-6,
I, II Order systems, PID controls, AC servomotor, DC
5 Computer Simulation Orcad, MiPower, MATLAB, PSCAD, PSpice, intel I-3 processors25,PIV-43, UPS 7.5
KVA.-1no 10KVA-1no
6 Power Systems Alternators, Diff. Protection of Transformer, Transmission line model - 2, CRO-2. Current injection
sets-3, Current transformer-12, Relays-21, Synchronous Machine-4
7 Digital Signal Processing LED & LCD interfacing kits, Stepper motor kit, AC&DC Motor control:2nos.intel-I3 -25,
DSP CCS s/w, AC&DC DSPO Motor Controllers, UPS7.5 KVA
8 Electrical Engineering Lab This laboratory is established to cater the service courses. There are 9 No’s AC&DC machines,
Transformers,variacs, resistive loads, rectifiers and measuring instruments
9 Electrical wiring & micro processor lab This lab is established for automobile branch students. The lab is equipped with various automobile electric circuits, starting equipment, battery charging circuits and also microprocessors.
10 Research &Development Laboratory
  • To create awareness and opportunities in Research and Development among the students and faculty in the Department.
  • To encourage students to conduct experiments on thrust areas.
  • To motivate Faculty members and students to publish Technical papers in National and International Journals/Conferences.
  • To encourage the faculty members to do R&D activities in the area of emerging Technologies.

Major Equipment in the Labs:

s.noLaboratory NameEquipment Available
1 Electrical Machines – I AC & DC Machines
2 Electrical Machines – 2 AC & DC Machines
3 Power Electronics & MPMC Converters, inverters, triggering Circuits, mp kits
4 Control Systems & IC Lab PID, Servo motors, IC kits
5 Power System Lab Relays, transmission line model, alternators,
6 Circuits & Measurements Lab Bridges, potentiometers, energy meters
7 Simulation Lab PCs, Software
8 DSP Lab DSP kits, software
9 Auto Electrical & MP Lab Starter motors, wiring, batteries, kits
10 Electrical Technology Lab AC & DC Machines
11 Research &Development Laboratory

3KW RoofTopSolarPVHybridSystem
Solar Modules(24V, 330Wp) x10Nos
Hybrid solar inverter 5 KVA
GEL-Tubular Batteries-4

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