Sponsored by Matrusri Education Society, Estd. 1980 | Affiliated to Osmania University & Recognised by AICTE | EMCET Counselling Code: MVSR

Labs in the Department

The main laboratories are:

  • Electrical Machines
  • Power Electronics/ Micro Processors
  • Circuits & Measurements
  • Integrated circuits/Control systems
  • Simulation
  • Power systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Project Workshop

The laboratories are very well equipped with 30AC & DC machines, 10 different rated transformers both single phase & 3 phase, 262 measuring instruments including Ammeter, Voltmeter and Wattmeter, 23 oscilloscopes, 2 Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, 10 AC & DC bridges , Microprocessors and Microcontroller kits 8085(13 Nos), 8086(10 Nos) and 8051(07 Nos). 11 DSP Processor Kits and computer systems P-IV( 60 Nos), Core 2 duo( 5 Nos) with software loaded Pspice, Matlab 7.5 and Mi- Power, PS CAD software.

Department is offering service course both theory and labs to other department ECE, Mechanical, CSE , IT, Automobile & Civil Engineering Branches

no Name of the Laboratory Major Equipments
1 Electrical Machines AC M/cs - 14, DC M/cs - 15, 1ph & 3ph Autotransformers - 16, Transformers - 6,
1ph Induction Motor, Rectifier, Measuring Instrument -321 nos
2 Power Electronics/ Microprocessor Power Electronics Kits-: 69, Oscilloscope-16, DSO, DC. Power
supplies-1, Quadrant DC drive Micro Processor kits, Inter facing devices.
3 Circuits & Measurements All varieties of AC & DC bridges, Measuring instruments, Energy meters, RPS Units
4 Integrated Circuits/Control Systems Digital IC trainer-7, Linear IC trainer-09, DSO 20 MHz, IC tester, CRO-6,
I, II Order systems, PID controls, AC servomotor, DC
5 Computer Simulation Orcad, MiPower, MATLAB, PSCAD, PSpice, intel I-3 processors25,PIV-43, UPS 7.5
KVA.-1no 10KVA-1no
6 Power Systems Alternators, Diff. Protection of Transformer, Transmission line model - 2, CRO-2. Current injection
sets-3, Current transformer-12, Relays-21, Synchronous Machine-4
7 Digital Signal Processing LED & LCD interfacing kits, Stepper motor kit, AC&DC Motor control:2nos.intel-I3 -25,
DSP CCS s/w, AC&DC DSPO Motor Controllers, UPS7.5 KVA
8 Electrical Engineering Lab This laboratory is established to cater the service courses. There are 9 No’s AC&DC machines,
Transformers,variacs, resistive loads, rectifiers and measuring instruments
9 Electrical wiring & micro processor lab This lab is established for automobile branch students. The lab is equipped with various automobile electric circuits,
starting equipment, battery charging circuits and also microprocessors.

Major Equipment in the Labs:

s.no Laboratory Name Equipment Available
1 Electrical Machines – I AC & DC Machines
2 Electrical Machines – 2 AC & DC Machines
3 Power Electronics & MPMC Converters, inverters, triggering Circuits, mp kits
4 Control Systems & IC Lab PID, Servo motors, IC kits
5 Power System Lab Relays, transmission line model, alternators,
6 Circuits & Measurements Lab Bridges, potentiometers, energy meters
7 Simulation Lab PCs, Software
8 DSP Lab DSP kits, software
9 Auto Electrical & MP Lab Starter motors, wiring, batteries, kits
10 Electrical Technology Lab AC & DC Machines

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