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Labs in the Department

The department has well established laboratories with the state of the art equipment.

There are four computer laboratories with 25 computers each with IBM, Wipro, HCL and Acer Core 2 duo Altos Servers of Xeon 2.4 GHz and one project lab.

The Software packages include multiple copies of Rational Rose, VxWorks, Sun solaris, Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Xilinx, Verilog, Keil Complier and VHDL.

These laboratories have all the facilities to work on Data Structures, Java programming, Databases, OOSD, Network programming lab, Operating Systems, Middleware Technologies , VLSI Design, Microprocessors Kits.

Internet facility is provided on many systems.

Three Electronics laboratories are adequately equipped with microcontroller kits, CPLD and FPGA Trainer kits, Host and Target systems for embedded applications. Linear IC Trainers, General Purpose IC trainer, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Trainer kits for various modulation techniques in communications etc

  • Java Programming
  • Data structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Prgramming Lab
  • Database Systems Lab
  • OOSD
  • VLSI design
  • Embedded Systems.
  • Middleware Technologies Lab
  • Microprocessors
  • Basic Electronics
  • Projects



Laboratories Name

Equipment available in the Laboratories

Lab image


Data Structures
Java Programming
Compiler Construction

HP i3 7th Generation    (28)

Arun Pro 7.5 KVA          (01)

Online UPS with Batteries(15)

24Port D-Link Switches  (02)



Operating Systems

Network Programming

Acer Core-i3             (13)Acer Core 2 Duo        (14)HP i3 7th Generation (01)ACER ALTOS Xeon Server ACER ALTOS Xeon       (01)Arun Pro 7.5 KVA        (01)Online UPS with Batteries (15)24Port D-Link Switches  (02)



Middleware Technologies

HP –i3             (26)HP i3 7th Generation  (02)Arun Pro7.5 KVA         (01)Online UPS with Batteries(15)24Port D-Link Switches  (01)




Projects (Mini & Main)

HCLCore2Duo P-IV       (05)Acer Core-i3                (05)HP –i3             (08)HP i3 7th Generation   (08)LCD Toshiba                (01)Arun Pro10 KVA           (01)Online UPS with Batteries(15)24Port D-Link Switches (01)



Basic Electronics

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

50 MHz,100MS/s (Hameg)

Dual Trace CRO 30 MHz  (8)

Digital Trainer Kits Acer Core 2 Duo                  (2)

HCL Core 2 Duo        (3)




8085 XPO kits        (06)

8085 Cub Kits (12)

Interfacing Cards    (30)

Microprocessor Kits 808618)

24Port D-Link Switches (01)

HCL Core2Duo              (01)



VLSI Design

Embedded Systems

Acer Core-i3           (28)

Wipro P-IV              (01)

Arun Pro7.5 KVA     (01)

Online UPS with Batteries

24Port D-Link Switches(01)



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