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Department of Automobile Engineering

The various Laboratories specially developed for the Automobile Engineering program are:

1.Automotive Chassis & Components Lab

2.Automotive Engineering Lab

3.Reconditioning Lab

The Laboratories in the program in common with Mechanical Engineering and other Departments are:

1.Electrical Wiring & Microprocessor Lab

2.Fluid Power Lab

3.Fuels Lubricants & Engine Testing Lab

4.Metallurgy & Material Testing Lab

5.Computational Methods Lab

6.Production Technology Lab


8.Metrology & Instrumentation Lab



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Automotive Chassis Components Lab

1.Cut section model of complete one side Macpherson suspension strut with drive shaft, disc brake

2.Cut section model of complete leaf spring suspension system with rear axle

3.Cut section model of complete coil spring type rear suspension system

4.Model for cut sectioned transfer case assembly (Gypsy) (working)

5.Cut section model of centrifugal clutch (Honda active)

6.Cut section model of rack and pinion type steering of Ambassador (Working)

7.Cut section model of five speed manual transmission (Maruthi 1000CC) (working)

8.Cut section model of power steering system Santro or equivalent ( Non working)

9.Worm and sector shaft steering box assembly

10.Gear Box assembly (Tata GBS 40)

11.Front axle assembly with all aggregates

12.Rear axle assembly with all aggregates including differential

13.Air brake system parts (DBV and Hand brake valves with air tank)


14.Diaphragm type clutch unit assembly






 Automotive Engineering Laboratory


 1.Multi point fuel injection system

2.Ovality and taper measurement of cylinder bore

3.Ovality and taper measurement of crank shaft and connecting rod

4.Demonstration board of electronic ignition system of an 4 wheeler ( Working)

5.Cut section model of Silencer

6.Cut section model of pumps

7.Fuel Injection Pumps

8.Lubrication System of an Automobile

9.Cooling System of an Automobile
















Reconditioning Laboratory


 1.Wheel alignment – testing of camber, caster.

2.Wheel Balancing Space ER 160H wheel balancer for car wheels (weight up to 65Kg)(without hood)with all standard accessories

3.Valve grinding, valve lapping. Hanspal Valve refacer& valve grinding paste with sticks

4.Calibration of fuel injection pump

5.Brake adjustment Working model of disc brake & drum brake mounted on a frame

6.Calibration of fuel injection pump

7.Brake adjustment Working model of disc brake & drum brake mounted on a frame

8.Brake bleeding equipment

9.Measurement of valve parameters

10.Cut section Heavy motor vehicle chassis (HME) with complete accessories

11.Reboring& Honing machine



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