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Academic and Administration Duties

Name of the Faculty

& Position












  • Designs and defines the organization’s structure.
  • Defines and delegates responsibilities of various positions in the organization
  • Ensures periodic monitoring & evaluation of various processes & sub- processes
  • Looks after the overall development of institute
  • Mobilizes external resources to strengthen the institute
  • Plans & provides for necessary facilities / equipment for development.
  • Instills confidence and devotion in every member of the College
  • Ensures effective purchase procedure is followed
  • Defines quality policies and objectives
  • Prepares annual budget
  • Conducts periodic meeting of various bodies such as Governing Body, College Academic Council, and Grievances Redressal Committee, etc.
    • Manages accounts and finance
    • Manages employee recruitment process







Vice- Principal




  • Staff (NT) Recruitment and development
  • Coordinates Purchase Process
  • Discharges routine duties of Principal during absence of Principal
  • Coordinates publication of Colleges Annual Magazine
  • Coordinates Resource Provision to all concerned
  • Coordinates Preparation of Budget
  • Coordinates Office Administration
  • Coordinates in the preparation of Compliance reports to AICTE, APSCHE, DTE & University
  • Formation of student council
    • Proper conduct of co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities
    • Proper conduct of sports activities
    • Coordinates mobilization of Resource Generation
    • Identifying training needs of nonteaching staff
    • Notify the non-teaching staff about various Employee Development programs
    • Arrange such Employee Development Programs





Heads of




  • Plans, executes, and monitors academic and support activities of the department
  • Maintains discipline and culture in the department
  • Maintains the department neat and clean
  • Picks and promotes strengths of students / faculty / staff
  • Proposes Department Budget
  • Adheres to Quality Management System (QMS) Procedures
  • Maintains records of departmental activities and achievements
  • Proposing annual budget for Employee Development Programs
  • Maintain Employee training records
  • Oversee Employee Attendance System & Maintain the monthly attendance report
  • Preparation of time tables
  • Monitoring of lectures and practical
  • Oversees student, and faculty counseling
  • Conduct of internal examinations
  • Collecting students feedback
  • Fortnightly cumulative attendance of students
  • Co-ordinate the activities of class advisors
  • Monitoring submission of Internal theory and external lab examination mark lists
  • Students Counseling
  • Student discipline
    • Facilitating career guidance to students
    • Assisting students suffering from psychological disorders
    • Arranging for professional counselors
    • Maintaining record of counseling activities
    • Conducting student academic counseling
    • Arranging remedial classes for weaker students
    • Arranging Parent Teacher meetings





Chief Coordinator- Academics



  • Ensures execution of academic calendar for UG & PG programs
  • Oversees the teaching-learning process
  • Faculty Performance Appraisals
  • Faculty Research Review
  • Carries out result analysis and suggests corrective measures to Principal
  • Initiates remedial teaching measures
  • Facilitates proper conduct of co-curricular activities
  • Oversees first year student orientation program
  • Oversees Faculty Development Programs (FDPs)



Chief Coordinator-

PG Programmes



  • Admissions and course registration of PG students
  • GATE and other scholarships
  • Almanac and preparation of time tables
  • Syllabus revisions
  • Internal Marks and Attendance
  • Conduct of Project Seminars
  • Final Project Viva Voce
  • Liaison with University and student issues


I/c. Student Admissions &


  • Coordinating Student Admissions of UG, PG, MBA Programs and BE (Lateral Entry) as per merit list forwarded by respective convener.
  • Coordinating admissions made for Category B-Seats
  • Preparation of Roll Lists for Newly admitted and II to IV year Semester wise including re-admissions
  • Maintaining students’ certificates during the study
  • Issue of Bonafide, Custodian, Course Completion, Transfer Certificate etc.
  • Liaison with University and State Government for Ratification of Admissions







  • Computation of total requirement of invigilators for each department
  • Seating arrangements for external examinations
  • Conduct of External examinations (theory and practical)
  • Monitoring of External Examinations
  • Arranging dispatch of Answer Script bundles to university
  • Attending meetings with Controller of Examinations of University
  • Arranging required number of subject experts for evaluation at university
  • Conducting Evaluation of Answer Scripts sent by university as and when required
  • Downloading of question papers from university and printing, ensuring confidentiality
  • Preparation of Result Analysis
  • To interact with University for exam related works.
  • Preparation of remuneration bills of invigilators, examiners (Internal as well as external), sending the same to university and disbursement after receiving from university
  • To review from time to time, the results of university examinations and forward reports thereon to the Principal.



  • Performance of   all jobs related to library technical services, including Acquiring new books, Journals, Audio, Video materials and cataloging, classifying library materials and maintaining an accurate, up-to-date database of library holdings and physically processing items being added to and withdrawn from the collection.
  • Supervising and assisting in entering library materials into the database in accordance with the MARC standard using library management software.
    • Supervision of the operations of the library circulation and technical services staff.
    • Operation and maintenance of library facilities like digital library, Internet PCs, servers, reprography, computers and other IT equipment.
    • Providing training to students and staff using of digital library, e-resources like IEEE, ASCE, ASME,J-GATE, INFLIBNET,DELNET,NDL & IEI, and other open resources.
    • Evaluate materials to determine outdated or unused items to be discarded.
    • Managing campus library service points(departmental Libraries )
      • Documentation and feedback on work practices and procedures to ensure the continuous improvement of lending and document services of the library.
      • Maintains   library discipline and culture
      • Prepares annual budget for library
      • Identify Book distributors for purchase of Books
      • Procure the required number of titles and volumes for each program



Administrative Officer

(Establishment Section)

  • Coordinates day to day activities of the office
  • Discipline Aspects
  • Assists the Principal in administrative activities
  • College roster
  • Maintaining Service Registers of Faculty and Staff
  • Maintaining Faculty and Staff Personal files
  • Recruitment process
  • Maintains minutes of meeting (all)
  • Preparation of Salary Statements of Faculty and Staff
  • Maintain Leave Records of Faculty and Staff


Administrative Officer (Legal Matters)

  • Coordinates day to day activities of the office
  • Deals with Legal Matters of the College
  • Pay Fixations and Promotions of Faculty and Staff
  • To advise on the matters related with overall administration as and when needed.


Accounts Officer

  • Coordinate day to day activities of office with Departments, Banks, Principal and Management to the Statutory Departments.
  • Arranging internal and external audits
    • Student Fee Collection with accounting staff.
    • Verification of payments of expenses
    • Verification of receipts
    • Payment of Bills
    • Purchase Process
    • Preparation of Annual College Budget
    • Budget Allocation to various Programmes after approval from management
    • Preparation of Balance Sheets
    • Preparation of Audited Statements
    • Preparation of statement to AFRC, AICTE, AISHE, TSCHE, Osmania University.
    • Payment of Salaries after approval from Principal and Management


I/c. Scholarships


  • Maintaining record of information and documents related to fee reimbursement process of SC,ST, BC (Categories), Minority, Physically Challenged and EBC Students.
  • Processing various stages of fee reimbursement as per state government procedures and deadlines.
  • Coordinating with State Government Bodies for sanction of fee reimbursement funds.
  • Processing Central Merit scholarships and those offered by various organizations and private bodies.


I/C Maintenance



Overall Campus maintenance including

  • Maintaining building plans
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping
  • Campus Greenery
  • Plumbing works
  • Electrical works including generators maintenance


Systems Manager


  • Coordinate with Heads of Departments for collection and Organization of data.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all computer systems
  • Campus Network
  • Internet Facilities
  • Arranging maintenance of all software used in the central computing facility
  • Maintenance and updating college website


System Administrator,

CSE Department


I/c. CCS Cell


  • Student Daily Attendance Records
  • Student Information Access
  • Maintains Faculty and Staff Biometric Attendance.
  • Inclusion and deletion of staff
  • Coordinate with Academic Section for Students information
  • Maintains Student Bio data for Academic Information
  • Maintenance of CCTV Footage


Training and Placement Officer


  • Liaisons with industry
  • Identifies and provides for training needs of students
  • Arranges campus interviews
  • Proposes annual T & P budget
    • Prepares database of some top international/national companies consisting of their addresses, details of operations, their expectations, their HR team etc. for which services of some students could be utilized.
    • Works with faculty members/department Heads and administration to integrate career planning and academic curriculum as well as coordinate Project Work/ Summer Training/internship programs.
    • Prepares an audio-video presentation or a colorful hand-out on the college to be presented to potential employers.
    • Compiles and maintain a data bank on student profiles and (video) resumes along with their photographs.
    • Prepares a placement brochure having all the student profiles.
    • Undertakes a rigorous placement campaign.
    • Assists employers achieve their hiring goals.
    • Empowers students with life-long career decision-making skills.
    • Provides resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process. 
    • Up gradation of the students’ skill sets commensurate with the expectations of the industry.
    • Generation of awareness in the students regarding future career options available to them.
    • Assisting our students in obtaining final placement in reputed companies.
    • Keeps track of all the advertisements related to placements appropriate to the profiles of aspirants.
    • Organizes placement training for the students and make them ready for interview and group discussion.
    • Shall be a live wire connecting the students and the industrial houses.
    • Helps departments to find suitable summer assignments to the students


I/C Transport


  • Maintains buses meant for faculty and students
  • Provides bus schedules and takes all the necessary logistics of transport
  • Arrange special buses for students writing exams at other centres
  • Arranging buses for local industrial visits
  • Collection of transport fee from students and staff
  • Ensure all the buses arrive in time



Physical Director


  • Ensure smooth conduct of sports
  • Ensure proper use of sports facilities
  • Purchase of sports items
  • Encourage students to participate in zonal tournaments
  • Creation and upkeep of sports facilities
  • Propose annual budget for sports
  • Oversee security
  • Ensure campus is Ragging free
  • Student health care by coordinating with College Doctor


Chief Coordinator- R&D & Consultancy Cell


Studies / reviews/ recommends

  • R&D and Consultancy projects of various funding agencies like DST, UGC and AQIS of AICTE and communicate to HoDs
  • R&D proposals to various funding agencies put up by heads of the departments.
  • Funding or infrastructure to be provided by College.
  • Possible contribution by industry or other agencies to R&D.
  • Establishment of specialized facilities for testing or skill training
  • Ongoing Consultancy activities and additional support for furtherance
  • Funding student UG and PG projects with R&D orientation
  • Patent proposals
  • Record of the activities, deadlines, related correspondence.


Chief Coordinator -Entrepreneur Development Cell


  • To Motivate and train Engineering Students to become Entrepreneurs generating jobs for self and for others.
  • To Conduct
  1. a.Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC)
  2. b.Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP)
  3. c.Faculty Development Programs (FDP)
  4. d.Skill Development Programs (SDP)
  1. a.Product/Service Identification
  2. b.Survey
  3. c.Preparation of Project Reports
  4. d.Financial
  • To Develop Technology Business Incubation (TBI) Centers



Chief Coordinator- Industry Institute Interaction Cell


  • To arrange Interaction between the industry and the academia/ students
  • To coordinate workshops, conferences involving   industry personnel
  • To arrange industrial training/visits for faculty and students
  • Involve industry personnel in research activities of faculty
  • Identify possible consultancy projects from industry
  • Guest lectures/seminar to be delivered by industry experts
  • To involve experts from industry in the development /review of the curriculum
  • Identify avenues for students internships/projects in industry
  • To encourage faculty to solve technical problems faced by the industry
  • To train industry personnel in fundamental concepts / specialized areas



I/c. Stationery and Printing


  • By coordinating with HoDs, arrange printing of lab manuals, record books, and assignment books.
  • To Collect and consolidate requirement of all stationery items.
  • Prepare budget for Printing and stationery
  • Printing of Syllabus books
  • Purchase & Maintenance Xerox Machines


I/C Quality Management System

  • QMS coordination
  • Establish, implement and maintain quality management system
  • Maintain up-to-date master documents with history of revision.
  • ISO Certification process


Public Relations Officer

/ Liaison Officer


  • Designs and prints admission brochure
  • Maintains album containing photographs of all events and buildings
  • Publicizes events
  • Liaison with APSCHE, University, DTE, AICTE, etc.


I/C Alumni


  • Facilitates formation and registration of Alumni Association
  • Arranges periodic meetings of Alumni association
  • Ensures alumni registration
  • Prepares alumni news letter
  • Arranges annual alumni meet
  • Proposes alumni association’s annual budget


I/C Student Professional



  • Recommend the events through student’s professional societies/ chapters.
  • Coordinates QEEE programs
  • Organize events through students professional societies / chapters
  • Organize paper and design contests
  • Encourage student participation
  • Publication of technical magazine and news letters
  • Record of student participation and achievements in Co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Maintain record of such events


Officer NCC

  • Organizes NCC training camps
  • Facilitates students to involve in NCC activities.
  • Report of NCC activities to office of Principal on monthly basis

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